Stories are important.

Hello, I’m Dom.

I’m an art director and animator working out of Washington, D.C. I work with a unique group of handpicked artists of multiple disciplines, styles, and backgrounds. Together, we form the unstoppable force known as BLACKNPC.


We create custom animated content for brands, businesses, and artists. We are passionate about telling your story in a way that is colorful, dynamic, offbeat, and memorable.

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Your story is unique, like Beyoncé throwing a concert for a small group of Caribbean Dungeons ‘N Dragons Players. Your story is not for everyone. your story should be vibrant and in motion. Your story should feel like a gift specially made for the people you want to share it with.

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We treat every client differently and tailor a new experience for every situation. And our art is really damn cool. Please click the button below to say hello. We love questions and would love to know more about you and your story.